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Wee Willie Wheat

“He that goeth forth
and weepeth, bearing
precious seed shall
doubtless come again
with rejoicing, bringing
his sheaves with him.”
PS. 126:6

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Wee Willie Wheat
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Consider what I say
The Lord give thee
understanding …
As for God,
His way is perfect!

“They Shall Be Mine,” and now, “Wee Willie Wheat” are two books she wrote with a desire that the way of salvation be made very clear in accordance with the Saviour’s own words, “Suffer the little children to come unto Me.” This latter (Wee Willie Wheat) is an allegory written shortly before her Master called her home on Feb. 1, 1987 and is based on John 12:24, “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” Being married over 50 years to a wheat farmer, her varied experiences of rural life provided a background for the story you are about to read.

She loved Zech. 8:4,5 “The streets of Jerusalem… shall be full of boys and girls playing…” linking them with the Lord Jesus’ own words in Lk. 14:23 “Compel them (boys and girls) to come in, that my house may be filled.” Knowing that her love and interest went far beyond the circle of her own children, her family have gathered up the pages to bind them into a book, trusting it may be used to draw hearts to Christ and fulfill her prayerful desire that the Assembly be filled with happy boys and girls who would be brought to know the Lord Jesus as Saviour and Lord of their life and be found watching for Him to take them to the Father’s house in heaven. The harvest is just about to take place – are you ready to be gathered in?


The author of this booklet was known to many as “Aunt Gladys.” When she was 4 years old, her mother passed into the presence of the Lord, and God used the sorrows of death as well as her own suffering from ill health to bring out a sweetness in the various books, poems and tracts which she wrote.

She had a large heart for children and could often be found with them gathered about her, listening attentively as she spoke of the wonderful “Friend for little children,” the Lord Jesus Christ. One of these little ones, her great grandson, Stephen, was gathered into the Father’s heavenly garner, like a little kernel of wheat shortly after his sixth birthday. Several times he had asked his mommy during the last day of his sojourn on earth, “What can I do now to serve the Lord Jesus?” What a precious “jewel” in our Saviour’s crown! His home call moved Aunt Gladys to compare our life to a kernel of wheat, resulting in this story.

We Willie Wheat

Willie Wheat felt himself slipping. “What’s goin’ on here?” he gulped. His brother Wally, it seemed, was moving along right beside him on the outgoing tide of wheat.

Wally yawned, “Well, finally something must be happening… I thought we were going to have to stay here forever, just jammed together in this big wheat elevator.”

“Well, mother told us before harvest last fall that we’d probably be stored all winter in here. It must be getting springtime, suppose?”

“Whee!” cried their sister Winnie gleefully as she glided right past them. “This is fun! It’s just like going down a big slide.” There were so many of them tobogganing along… and way up ahead was a brightness that hurt Willie’s eyes.

“Hang tight!” he said, taking his twin brother’s hand, “so we can stay together. We should have grabbed Winnie’s hand, too… I can’t see her anywhere now.”

Suddenly, they slid from the dark hold of the wheat elevator and tumbled from a chute, like a waterfall down… down… into the mouth of a big dark hole.

“We’ve been swallowed alive!” gasped Wally, as soon as he could catch his breath.